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Showtime Revives Queer Duck

Mike Reiss' Web series QUEER DUCK is returning to the Web and debuting on television thanks to the Showtime network. The series, which debuted in October 2000 on, will return to the Web beginning in January 2002, when 15 new episodes premiere exclusively online at The new episodes are produced by Reiss' company Queer Duck Productions, Inc. in association with Xeth Feinberg's Mishmash Media, Inc. After the online debut, the series will be aired on Showtime Tuesdays following the 11:00 pm broadcast of QUEER AS FOLK, a live-action series about the lives of young gay men and women. QUEER DUCK, follows the adventures of a gay duck who works as a male nurse. He and his animal friends -- Openly Gator, Bi Polar Bear and Oscar Wildcat -- all lead openly gay lives and mix in a plethora of double-entendres and comic situations that always have the duck in trouble. The short is animated and designed by Xeth Feinberg, who also worked with Reiss on HARD DRINKIN' LINCOLN.

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