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Showcase Your Best Dickensian Ghost Character In AWN's New Contest

AWN and Animation Cafe moderator Larry Lauria proudly presents the next Holiday Character Design Contest.

AWN and Animation Cafe moderator Larry Lauria proudly presents the next Holiday Character Design Contest. To celebrate the holiday season, our next contest will be centered on none other than Charles Dickens.

His inventive stories and bold characters have been favorites all over the world for generations. For our latest contest, we're looking for your best Dickensian Ghosts! They can be funny or sinister, whatever you like.

A new AWN Contest Gallery has been setup for this contest, which you can find at:

All entries must be posted by 12:00 midnight (PST) on Sunday, January 4th, 2004 in order to be eligible for the judging.

The best three entries chosen by Larry will each receive a copy of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume One," a new two-disk DVD set from Warner Home Video, plus a copy of the new "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" two disk DVD set as well!

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume One" contains 16 episodes plus commentaries from the show's creators on episodes "Elevator," "Batmantis," "The Story Book House," "Girlie Show," and "Fire Drill." Other features include music videos and original show artwork. "Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast," which debuted in 1994, is one of cable's longest running series. "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" features a former superhero who is now the galaxy's crankiest talk-show host. He's joined by his prisoners-turned-sidekicks Zorak and Moltar. His guest list for "Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume One" includes the Bee Gees, Ashley Judd, Adam West, Slash, Carol Channing, Terry Jones, and many more.

Find out more information on Space "Ghost Coast to Coast" at:

The "Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume One" DVD contains 16 episodes, including the original cut of the pilot, "Rabbot." Commentaries from the show's creators appear on episodes "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto" and "Mayhem of the Mooninites." Never-before-seen footage and hidden bonus material are also included. "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"chronicles the adventures of human-sized food products, Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake, who live together in a rental house in New Jersey. When they are not hanging out in their next-door neighbor Carl's above ground swimming pool, these three are being visited by such creatures as a manic-depressive action figure, a rapping arachnid and annoying visitors from the moon.

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Don't miss out - Join in the fun in the AWN Dickensian Ghost Holiday Character Contest!