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Shorts International to Distribute American Short Film Catalog

U.K.-based Shorts International, the short film distribution arm of Britshorts Ltd., has become the exclusive distributor for the entire short film library of American Vantage/Hypnotic. American Vantage/Hypnotic, a subsidiary of American Vantage Media Corp., has one of the largest high-quality short film and animation libraries in the world. The combined entity gives Shorts Intl the largest short film distribution capability across the globe.

In addition to its short film business, American Vantage/Hypnotic co-produces the hit television show, THE O.C. and is a producer on THE BOURNE IDENTITY. American Vantage Media Corp. acquired the business from Vivendi Universal and others earlier this year.

"Britshorts has created Europe's most extensive catalog of short films," said Carter Pilcher, chief exec of Britshorts. "Consequently, we are excited to be joined by the films of some of the United States' top young filmmaking talent. The combination of these two catalogs will enable us to bring to our syndication partners an unparalleled depth and breadth of short films."

Ronald J. Tassinari, American Vantage Cos. chairman/ceo said, "We are pleased to have Britshorts as the exclusive distributor for our short film library and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them."

"Not only is this good news for broadcasters, but it is great news for aspiring filmmakers," said Pilcher. "Their films will be seen by much wider audiences, as we are now able to provide significant amounts of high-quality film content to our buyers, greatly increasing both sales and the chances that individual films will receive exposure and acclaim."

The American Vantage/Hypnotic catalog includes a world-class collection of films by the hottest up-and-coming young filmmakers from across the globe. Shorts International's catalog includes films from the British Film Institute (BFI) library containing the Hitchcock short films, films from the Royal College of Art (RCA), films from the London Film School (LFS), the Royal Welsh College, Sgrin Wales and those from Spain's former premier distribution agency, Morphe Art Pictures.

Shorts International notes a global upturn in short film popularity. Pilcher said, "A recent study we carried out with BSkyB here in the U.K. confirmed the growth in popularity of independent filmmaking. Not only do Hollywood and international film companies cultivate ground-breaking talent that they showcase in short films, our research also showed that short films are the hidden gem - they have enormous appeal to those who are 'in the know' and give powerful entertainment at the cutting edge."

According to Shorts Intl, audiences for short films are growing as new platforms continue to emerge. Not only are mainstream broadcasters realizing their potential to attract 18- to 34-year-olds, but broadband providers, 3G mobile phone operators and leading advertising brands are entering the market.

Shorts International has been distributing short films, animation and digital media since its launch in 2000 as Britshorts. The addition of the distribution of the American Vantage/Hypnotic library will make Shorts Intl the globe's leading short film distributor and an essential one-stop shop for buyers and filmmakers worldwide. Shorts International short films and animation are available in all territories for all media platforms, and include a wide range of genres and languages. Shorts International's films appeal to a broad audience and are programmed for a wide range of interests that include family-oriented films, films with famous talent and film festival award winners.