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ShoPro USA Will Show At NATPE With A New Name And Two New Animated Properties

To more accurately reflect its core business, licensing company ShoPro USA has changed its name to ShoPro Entertainment. The company will officially unveil its new logo and introduce two new anime shows at NATPE 2003: MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK and MIRMO ZIBANG! Both properties began as manga and have evolved into popular TV series in Japan. MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK, based on the popular video game series from CAPCOM, is set in a time when everyday amenities are linked to a central computer system. Citizens interface with this computer system using their own personal "NetNavis" in their portable terminals (PETs). The story follows fifth-grader Lan and his personal "NetNavi" named MegaMan a virus-fighting blue-suited cyber superhero. MIRMO ZIBANG! tells the story of Prince Mirmo, a muglox (fairy) who lives in the bottom of a hot chocolate mug owned by junior high student Katie. When hot chocolate is poured in the mug, Mirmo appears only to Katie, serving as her very own genie and granting her every wish. However, a gang of muglox is in hot pursuit of Mirmo to bring him back to the fairyland, thus turning life upside down for Katie and her friends. ShoPro Entertainment, the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd., was formed in 2000 and has brought many of Shogakukan's top television programs to North and South America, including HAMTARO and INUYASHA, both currently broadcast on Cartoon Network.