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Shockwave Shocked By South Park Creators' Short

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of SOUTH PARK, have shocked with the first of their 39 shorts for the Netcaster. As part of a US$2 million pact, the new toon by Parker and Stone has a level of crude and gross humor described as higher than the SOUTH PARK feature! The duo of doo-doo jokes have now left the executives twiddling their thumbs nervously contemplating what to do next. As part of the agreement, the SOUTH PARK creators have complete artistic control and ownership of the content they create for Therefore, the Netcaster may not have any authority to edit the shorts before they air them. Therefore, officials are mulling over the idea of creating a pay-per-view system to keep the cartoon away from youngsters. However, the Netcaster is still worried that even broadcasting a pay-per-view unedited version would present ample breeding ground for conservative critics to complain that the entertainment site is part of the increased filth available on the Internet. The deal with the wildmen of animation mandates Shockwave to air whatever Parker and Stone create. Therefore, the partnership with the demented duo has parked between a stone and a hard place.

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