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Sheridan College's Canadian Animation & Multimedia Celebration

In September 2000, Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, will

celebrate the opening of the new Sheridan Centre for Animation &

Emerging Technologies. As part of the opening festivities, Sheridan

will stage an Animation Retrospective (September 1-10), a Digital

Media Innovations Conference (October 26-28) and the Premiere of the

Canadian Millennium Television Series. The Animation Retrospective

will celebrate Sheridan's successful, 31-year history in animation.

The retrospective will feature a look back at student work over the

years and screenings of films by Sheridan alumni - including Steve

Williams ("The Mask"), Ric Sluiter ("Mulan"), James Straus

("Dragonheart") and Glenn McQueen ("Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2") -

some of whom will be on hand to present and discuss their work. The

general public is invited to attend. Check the Sheridan website for

details: or contact Luis Ferreira at (905)

845-9430, ext. 2102, fax: (905) 815-4062, email: