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Sheridan College upgrades to Video Lunchbox

Ontario, Canada-based Sheridan College, one of the leading animationprograms in North America, is expanding its facilities with the latestanimation equipment including new computers, software, cameras and penciltest systems. For pencil tests, Sheridan has purchased six VideoLunchBoxes. Created two years ago by Oregon-based Animation Toolworks, theVideo LunchBox captures still images from a video camera and plays backthis sequence of images at the same rate as film images or televisionvideo. It enables animators to test their work in progress, monitoringpacing, lighting, and registration as they work. Video LunchBoxes have beeninstalled in animation studios and educational facilities around the world,including MTV Animation, Will Vinton Studios, Tippett Studios, CuriousPictures, the National Film Board of Canada, NYU, CalArts, USC, UCLA, andPhiladelphia University of the Arts. For more information about the VideoLunchBox, contact Howard Mozeico at Animation Toolworks Inc., Tel.503-625-6438; Email:; Or visit:

Kellie-Bea Rainey reviewed the Video LunchBox's performance in the June 1998 issue of Animation World Magazine.