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Shark Tale Takes a Big Box Office Bite

DreamWorks got the big opening it was seeking from the 3D-animated SHARK TALE, considering the timing of its IPO to spin off the animation division, but the actual gross of $47.6M was $2M less than the early estimate.

Still, while not quite the best October opening ever, SHARK TALE delivered the goods and won the box office derby for the weekend ended Oct. 3, 2004, far surpassing the other notable debut, Buena Vistas LADDER 49, which came in second with $22M.

Sony/Revolutions THE FORGOTTEN slipped from first to third in its second week, scaring up $11.8M for a tally of $38M. Paramounts groundbreaking CGI adventure, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, plunged another 50%, securing fourth place with $3.2M and only $30.5M in three weeks, despite the fine work of such vfx companies as ILM, Luma Pictures, Rising Sun Pictures, Hybride Technologies, Ring of Fire, SW Digital, Pixel Liberation Front, Pacific Title Digital, Café FX, Engine Room, The Orphanage, R!OT and Digital Backlot.

Buena Vistas MR. 3000 slipped to fifth with $2.5M and a cume of $19.1M. Focus SHAUN OF THE DEAD spoof (with vfx by Double Negative) improved to sixth place with $2.4M and $6.9M to date. Magnolia Pictures WOMAN, THOU ART LOOSED managed $2.32M in its debut at number seven. Screen Gems RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALPSE (with vfx by C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Mr. X Inc., Animated Extras International Ltd., Fantasy II Film Effects and Soho VFX) fell to eighth with $2.31M and a cume of $47M. Foxs FIRST DAUGHTER settled for ninth with $2.1M and $7.1M to date. And New Lines CELLULAR came in 10th with $2M and a total of $28.1M.

Meanwhile, Go Fishs anime import, GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE, managed $92,217 for a three-week total of $695,714. Box office information obtained from