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'Shade 3D for Unity' Now Free

e frontier's “Shade 3D for Unity” software will be free and available through the Mac App Store November 2012

e frontier's Shade 3D for Unity will be free and available through the Mac App Store November 2012.

Shade 3D for Unity is software based on the 3D modeling and design computer graphic software, Shade, which has been used worldwide for over 27 years by illustrators, animators and designers.

Shade 3D for Unity enables users to create and develop a 3D game seamlessly with Unity 3D a 3D Game Development Engine for Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms, and will include a high level of compatibility between Shade 3D for Unity and Unity.

Original games created and developed with Unity and “Shade 3D for Unity” can be distributed to game enthusiasts through the Mac App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Google Play for Android Devices, and various distribution systems such as Steam. Unity 3D integrated, Shade 3D for Unity is a dream come true for game developers who have long wanted a content creation and an editing tool that tightly integrates with their favorite development environments – Shade 3D for Unity is both powerful and completely free.

e frontier. is supporting all game creators to allow them to make their creative visions a reality by distributing Shade 3D Unity free.

Basic Functions of Shade 3D for Unity

Shade 3D for Unity includes an advanced tool set for creation of original 3D content.

  •     Import/Export from/to Unity 3D
  •     Advanced 3D Modeling Environment
  •     Polygon Mesh Editor
  •     UV Editor and Image Management
  •     Desgin-Friendly Bezier Spline Modeler
  •     Powerful Object Instance Feature
  •     3D Object Hierarchy Browser 
  •     Material Setting Feature
  •     Material Parameter with Texture Map Setting
  •     Animation Setting Feature
  •     Draft Ray Tracing Renderer

Shade 3D for Unity is Fully Compatible with Unity 3D

Because of its high level of compatibility, it is easy to edit Unity’s project assets (Configuration Files) on  “Shade 3D for Unity” and also easy to transfer data between Unity and Shade 3D for Unity software

Integration Features

The compatibility between Unity and “Shade 3D for Unity” enables users to create an original 3D Game by making 3D objects that are included in about 150 kinds of Game Templates availabe in the marketplace, at such places as “Unity Asset Store”, at Unity Community for original background, props and characters.

  •     FBX-friendly Bone Structure
  •     Paintable Bone Weight Mapping Tool
  •     FBX Compatible Inverse Kinematics Feature
  •     Simple Spring Motion SimulatorBaked Simulation result is exportable to Unity
  •     Key Frame AnimationBaked Key Frame for Unity is output in addition to Key Frame for Shade

Upgrading to Shade Professional

Shade Professional is the flagship tool of the Shade product line, and provides additional, advanced content creation tools and precise rendering features for creation of game trailers, and complete animated films. All content developed with Shade 3D for Unity is completely compatible with Shade Professional.

Shade 3D for Unity in English is initially available through the Mac App Store, and will subsequently be released through other online venues including English language publisher of Shade, Mirye Software.

Source: e frontier, Inc.