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Sesame Workshop Bringing 4 Series to NATPE

Sesame Workshop is gearing up for NATPE, where it will have four children's series on display. Located at Booth #1644, Sesame Workshop execs attending the show include Celia Schneiderman, manager, international television distribution and Frances Chu-Fong, manager, international distribution.

PLAZA S�SAMO (65x24) features a vibrant neighborhood home to families, children, and beloved Muppet characters Abelardo, Lola, and Pancho. The show intertwines animation, live-action films from throughout Latin America, studio segments and original music videos. These segments present basic literacy and numeracy skills, celebrate culture and diversity and help children understand and appreciate the world around them.

ELMO'S WORLD (56x15) is an interactive series that looks at the world through the eyes of a three-year-old. Each episode emphasizes exploration and fosters creativity. Children explore along with Elmo and Elmo's pet goldfish and alter ego, Dorothy; Mr. Noodle; and Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle.

In PINKY DINKY DOO (26x22 or 52x11), playful bedtime stories come to life. Kids will laugh and learn to think big along with their spunky new friend Pinky. Blending Flash animation over photo collage backgrounds, the show tackles early literacy through storytelling and interactive game-play.

The clay animation series, THE ADVENTURES OF BERT AND ERNIE (52x5), features the friends in fantasy stories. In each episode, Bert and Ernie look through their scrapbook of photos and objects from places they visited together, prompting them to recall stories made funnier because of their very different perspectives. The series focuses on developing literacy through storytelling, cooperation and diversity.

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