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Service Pack 2 Upgrade Available for finalRender Stage-1 Plug-In

Turbo Squid announced the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for cebas' finalRender Stage-1, a Discreet certified 3ds max plug-in. SP2 is a free download and provides the following to finalRender Stage-1 users:

*All-New Anti-Aliasing Core Engine Technologies The latest advanced adaptive anti-aliasing sampling algorithms have been implemented within SP2 and provided as a new engine along with significant speed enhancements to the existing engines.

Powerful Dynamic Bitmaps Technology - finalRender's native, all-purpose bitmap pager has been incorporated and solves the memory limitations and problems that allows users to render 21K x 21K images and larger along with high resolution textures.

*Substantial speed increases within complex scenes of up to 10 times compared to SP1.

*Inclusion of our special Adaptive Multiple Ray Sampler code to enhance rendering speed on scenes that use multiple "blurry" rendering effects such as Blurry tracing, Area shadows or Quasi Monte Carlo Global Illumination.

*Drastically Reduced Memory consumption by the renderer core.

*Superior Anti-Aliasing detection in nearly horizontal lines and other extremely thin edges.

*By popular demand, the Cylinder light, a true area light source is now included.

*Game Developer-specific enhancements have been added to the output options for SP2.

*UI enhancements have been added for easier access and faster set up of render parameters.

*Fully compatible with Autodesk VIZ 4.x, 3ds max 4.2x, 3ds max 5.x and 3ds max 6.

*Better native 3ds max 6 renderer support.

*Ongoing service and support enhancements free for regular customers.

All registered users of finalRender Stage-1 will receive an e-mail instructing them how to obtain the service pack. Other users may contact www. for information.

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