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The September Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

For feature films Martin Goodman is taking a look at this summer's

hits and misses. Gerard Raiti is figuring out why some cartoons don't

work as live-action adaptations and others do. Amid Amidi is

profiling feature films that have been released outside of the big

studios' theatrical machine. Plus, for a look into the Japanese

feature film market, resident expert Fred Patten is going to outline

the lay of the land of the rising sun. Plus, Larry Lauria speaks with

Don Bluth about his departure from Fox and his plans for the future.

For education and training, we are going to hear about the tools

recruiters are using to find new talent. We are also going to offer a

checklist to help you find animation workshops and organizations in

your area. Need help selling your original concept? Want to know how

to pitch, put together a leave behind and obtain an agent? If so, you

won't want to miss this issue.

In other articles we have a feature on Vancouver's Atomic Cartoons, a

focus on Israel's animation community and a profile of Adaboy, which

uses patented Targeted Message Technology (TMT) to put ads into the

texture, or face, of on-line games.

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