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September Acrobat Issue of Animation World Magazine Now Online!

It's fall and that means new TV! In this month's issue, Amid Amidi tells usabout the newest shows hitting the air. Sharon Schatz gives us insight intothe world of interactive television. Interactive television has beenavailable around the globe for years, but has only just come to the UnitedStates. We also go behind the scenes of Bob Clampett's "Time for Beany,"one of television's first daily live puppet shows, Japan's Toei AnimationStudios and one of France's hottest pilots, "Fats and Moe." We also have alot in store regarding Voice Acting. From a survey of current industryinsiders' do's and don'ts for aspiring voice actors, to quotes from"Hercules'" celebrity cast, to tips about timing and acting, this issue hasall this and more.

We are also featuring a very special tribute to Clare Kitson, the womanbehind Channel 4's wealth of animated programming which has helped propelthe U.K. to be one of the greatest animation nations. Irene Kotlarz hascontributed a historical look at Channel 4 and its upcoming role in theU.K. animation industry. Other highlights include event reviews of computeranimation's biggest party SIGGRAPH and San Diego's Comic Con. Max Simsreviews the latest version of Puffin Designs' Commotion 2.1 and Karl Cohenrelates the unusual circumstances that led to the "Yellow Submarine's"re-emergence on the silver screen.

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