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Sedelmaier Helps Griffey Try New Sportz

J.J. SEDELMAIER PRODUCTIONS helped Major League Baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. try new "Sportz" (crackers that is). The 30-second spot for new Nabisco "Sportz" snack crackers integrates cel animation and live-action footage. "We haven't produced many projects integrating animation with live action, but on 'Griffey' we were teamed with the creatives from the Slim Jim spots, so we knew and trusted each other," said Sedelmaier. "But this kind of spot can't be as free-wheeling because the animation occupies a very specific area and requires a very particular look. Still, because of Ward Sutton's designs, we were able to have some fun with the Griffey caricature." The live-action footage was directed by Marcus Raboy of Gas, Food and Lodging, Culver City, California and J.J. Sedelmaier helmed the animation. The animated portion features an animated Griffey gobbling up a mass of Sportz crackers. The Griffey project offered Sedelmaier an opportunity to work again with designer Ward Sutton, who created the Griffey caricature and recently illustrated the show open for Comedy Central's popular STRANGERS WITH CANDY. The spot was produced for ad agency North Castle Partners, Stamford, Connecticut.

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