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Secondsun Launches Animated Commercial Division

SecondSun Entertainment, the animation company created by combining 2D studio Delaney and Friends, 3D company Brainchild Studios, and Interactive Games producer Furious Entertainment, has recently completed two animated commercial projects under the new banner. Both commercials employed a combination of live-action, 2D and 3D animation. "Helix," a spot for agricultural manufacturer Syngenta by way of the AdCulture Group of Calgary, features a 2D animated character named Cam Canola, who meets up with two live-action farmers composited into a 3D animated farm and field background. In Spinmaster Toys' "Candy Bubbles," a realistic looking animated 3D bubble floats down from "bubble heaven" then pops open to reveal a 2D character who blows fruit flavored bubbles to a group of live-action kids. The live-action on "Candy Bubbles" was directed by Sean Buckley of Buck Productions in Toronto. Other credits for the spot include producer Jim Smith and art director Stacy Lewis. Credits for "Helix" go to producer Nicolette Eus, creative director Dave Wylie and live-action director John Spooner of Apple Box Productions.