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A Second Chance for Big Fish on DVD

Tim Burton's underrated BIG FISH, the imaginative and heartfelt father-son drama starring Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney, is sure to find renewed life on DVD (Columbia TriStar Home Ent., $28.95) when it's released on April 27, 2004. The Alabama-based yarn about reality and fantasy and the nature of storytelling features some slight yet effective vfx from Sony Imageworks, and represents the director's first foray into the world of Digital Intermediate, which is used marvelously during the fantasy sequences. And for once, you'll find the director extremely articulate during his commentary.

Bonus features include:

* "Tim Burton: Storyteller" - A look at the director's process* "A Fairytale World" - Tim Burton and cast discuss the importance of myths and fairytales* "Creature Features" - The magic of Stan Winston studios* "The Author's Journey" - Daniel Wallace's story from page to screen* "Edward Bloom at Large" - Takes a look at the larger-than-life world of Edward Bloom* "Amos at the Circus" - Danny DeVito takes viewers through the Calloway Circus* "Fathers and Sons" - Examines the father and son dynamic* "The Finer Points" - A Tim Burton Trivia Quiz: interactive trivia game