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Second Cartoon Masters Event Will Look At Which Tool For Which Markets?

* Thursday, October 26 Saturday, October 28, 2000. Angoulême, France.

The European Unions Cartoon is holding the second Cartoon Masters event of 2000. The conference will discuss the question: animation, video games, Internet -- which tools for which markets? Organized by Mangelis and Cartoon, the forum will try to provide information on the new tools and methods that are shaping the contours of the imaging industries and to provide a group reflection area for professionals on concrete conditions for using innovative technologies. Various themed workshops will discuss sound in animation, 2D/3D integration, animating for the Net, conditions for a multi-format production and new frontiers for animation. For more information contact Christine de Barbuat at: Anne Frangeul Communication; Tel.: ++33 0 5 45 91 32 98; Fax: ++33 0 5 45 25 96 48; or E-mail:

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