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Scrawl Studios, Planet Nemo Team for Animated Comedy Paranormalia

Press Release from Planet Nemo Animation and Scrawl Studios

9th June 2009, Annecy -- Singapore's Scrawl Studios and France's Planet Nemo are joining forces once again to co-develop PARANORMALIA, a 52 x 11-minutes 2D-animated adventure comedy for kids 8 to 12. After SILLY BITTY BUNNY, their most recent project together, comes the tale of another furry creature but with an altogether different temperament.

For Hunter the wolf, letting the kid inside him come out and play is literally a fur-raising ordeal. Stuck with a curse that transforms him from a timid wolf into a hyper-active 12-year old boy every time the sun rises, this 'Wereboy' is caught between two realms -- the paranormal and the human -- as he tries to fit into a strange and changing world while seeking a cure for his pre-teen boy tendencies.

Based on an original idea by Scrawl Studios (THE NEW ADVENTURES OF NANOBOY, CLANG INVASION and MILLY, MOLLY), PARANORMALIA is a "merman" out of water tale as Hunter tries desperately to find a cure for his strange affliction whilst fighting against the conflict he feels between his wild, human side and his natural, canine needs, all the time getting into all sorts of farcical situations.

Co-developing the series is Planet Nemo (BALI, MISSY MILA'S TWISTED TALES, MANON, NELLY & CAESAR and, most recently, GROOVE HIGH). Both companies are collaborating on the property's creative development, with Scrawl taking a lead on design and animation style while Planet Nemo oversees the writing department.

Says Ervin Ann, Scrawl Studios' head of development: "We were trying to develop a comedic premise based on a pre-teen growing into a teenager, but one who isn't quite ready to give up the comforts and even the privileges of being a pre-teen. In many ways the character of Hunter is an allegory for that. He's a tame wolf with a crazy kid inside him trying to get out, and he has to learn to deal with both. Plus we've never seen a Wereboy before, so that's a lot of fun too!"

Frederic Puech from Planet Nemo says: "PARANORMALIA is a classic concept given a contemporary and original twist. I also think there's a little bit of Hunter in every 8 to 12-year old boy and the chaos that can cause is going to give us plenty of great material to work with."