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Scorsese Signs Onto SCI FI Mini

Oscar-nominated director Martin Scorsese (GOODFELLAS), along with producer Barbara DeFina (CASINO), has inked a deal with SCI FI Channel to exec produce the six-hour miniseries entitled THE TWELVE. Scorseses first venture into long-form TV will be produced under Cappa/De Fina Prods, in conjunction with Adrian Bate and Zenith Entertainment Ltd. The series is based on an idea by David Pirie (MURDER ROOMS), who originally pitched it to the BBC as an hour-long series. The miniseries follows a string of unexplainable events, which lead an FBI agent to suspect that the end of the world is nigh. SCI FI hopes to premiere the series in December 2005.

This deal just adds to SCI FIs slate of high-profile miniseries projects. Dean Devlin (INDEPENDENCE DAY) and Bryan Singer (X-MEN, X2) will be co-exec producing the eight-hour miniseries TRIANGLE, which will tackle the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Gale Anne Hurd (HULK) has already begun sheparding the six-hour miniseries RED MARS, based on the Kim Stanley Robinson novel. Gregory Widen (HIGHLANDER) wrote the script. Moreover, DreamWorks will follow-up the huge success of their TAKEN mini with another epic miniseries. The December 2002 airing of TAKEN lifted SCI FI to the rank of #1 rated basic cable channel for the week the first time in its 10-year lifespan.

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