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Scooby Snack Airs On Cartoon Network in Primetime

WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO? takes to the airwaves on Cartoon Network March 28, 2003, with a new batch of creature-related mysteries fashioned after the popular animated series that debuted in 1969. The Hanna-Barbera creation was revamped by Warner Bros. Animation last year, airing on Kids' WB! and now Cartoon Network at 8:00 pm. Original cast members Casey Kasem (Shaggy) and Frank Welker (Fred & Scooby-Doo) are joined by Grey DeLisle (Daphne) and Mindy Cohn (Velma) as well as special guest stars. Cartoon Network offers some fashion advisories to notice this spring for Scooby and the gang in the new series. Old DaphneDaphne stayed true to 70s style with a chartreuse scarf, adding a hint of color to her purple A-line dress. Her jaunty head band kept her hair neat and stylish. New DaphneDaphne keeps up with the latest fashion trend with a wrap dress and platform shoes that can take her from a day of mystery solving to a night of fun. Old FredFreds conservative attitude carried through to a classic look: an orange ascot and loafers complemented his white sweater and blue slacks. New FredFred, the leader of the group, updates his wardrobe with an open-collared shirt, striped sweater and work boots, keeping up with the preppy but stylish fashion trends.Old ScoobyScooby-Doos teal and yellow collar augmented his bright, shiny coat. New Scooby-DooWhy change a classic?Old ShaggyShaggy was constantly on-the-go, trying to solve mysteries and satisfy his appetite. He did not have time for fashion, so opted for a relaxed, low maintenance look. The burgundy and lime green color combination is one that few fashionistas can pull off. New ShaggyShaggy sticks with a casual look but adds stylish, contemporary shoes and cuffed pants, making him ready for any adventure that comes his way. Old VelmaBrainy Velma lacked style, with a "helmet head" hairstyle, a bulky mustard yellow sweater, matching knee high socks and a pleated skirt that covered her curves.New VelmaVelma remains the brains but still knows how to stay in-style and true to herself. Her slimming turtleneck sweater, skort, and platform shoes (along with a sassy new do), update her look. Daphne better watch out- shes not the only babe of the group!