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SciFi Channel Orders Dune Sequel

SciFi Channel has signed writer/director John Harrison to create a sequel to his forthcoming miniseries, FRANK HERBERT'S DUNE. The sequel will be adapted from Herbert's novel DUNE MESSIAH. Harrison has hopes to adapt all of Herbert's six DUNE novels into several additional miniseries. "What I've been able to achieve with this one gives us real hope we can carry this on as a highly unusual and groundbreaking series of miniseries," said Harrison. "The DUNE epic is really a wonderful tapestry, and it would be great to see the whole thing play out. The first one turned out terrifically. And I think everybody will love it, and it will give the impetus to do the second one." The first miniseries is a New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc. production in association with Victor Television Productions Inc. and BetaFilm GmbH. Richard Rubenstein and Mitchell Galin are executive producers. The cast includes William Hurt, Giancarlo Giannini and Alec Newman. The miniseries runs three nights starting December 3, 2000 at 9 pm on the SciFi Channel.

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