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Scientific/Technical Oscar Deadline July 30

Friday, July 30, 2004, is the deadline to submit scientific and technical achievements to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 77th Academy Awards consideration.

In late May, application forms were sent to more than 850 companies and individuals within the sci-tech community both in the United States and abroad.

Any device, method, formula, discovery or invention of special and outstanding value may be considered, according to awards administration director Rich Miller. "The committee will be looking for achievements that have a proven track record and have made significant advances in the field of motion picture production," said Miller.

Technical advances submitted to the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, chaired by visual effects branch governor Richard Edlund, will be evaluated by subcommittees comprised of distinguished engineers, scientists and craftspersons before being recommended to the Academy's Board of Governors for award consideration.

Information and application packets may be obtained by contacting Miller's office via phone at 310-247-3000, ext. 129; by fax at 310-859-9619; via e-mail to or by visiting the Academy Website at