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Scientific & Technical Awards Apps Out

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences mailed entry forms on June 1, 2004 for the 2004 Scientific and Technical Awards to more than 850 companies and individuals, including past winners, within the sci-tech community both in the United States and abroad. All entry applications must be submitted to the Academy no later than Friday, July 30, 2004.

"This is a very specific and detailed process," said Committee Chair Richard Edlund, "which is why we send applications out now. We can then begin to collect a list of achievements that can be considered by the Sci-Tech Awards Committee for recognition at the 77th Academy Awards."

Achievements must show exceptional merit and evidence of having provided significant advances in the production of motion pictures. Entries will be evaluated by both the main committee and sub-committees comprised of distinguished engineers, scientists and craftspersons before being recommended to the Academy's board of governors for award consideration.

"Technologies and achievements don't have to have been invented within the past year," said awards administration director Rich Miller. "Actually, they must have a proven track record of continued and successful use in the film industry,"

Information and application packets may be obtained by contacting Rich Miller's office via phone at 310-247-3000, ext. 130, by fax at 310-859-9619, via or by visiting the Academy Website at