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SCI FI Saturday Action Movie Cerberus Premieres Oct. 29

SCI FI�s Saturday Action Movie continues in October with the premiere of CERBERUS, an original movie produced to air on the SCI FI Channel Oct. 29, 2005, at 9:00 pm and encore Nov. 3 at 9:00 pm.

Shot in Romania and Los Angeles, CERBERUS features a group of terrorists, hell bent on world domination, force an art historian to help them locate and steal the legendary Sword of Attila the Hun, the ultimate weapon of power. However, the hounds of hell are loosed when she unwittingly unleashes the monstrous Cerberus, the mythical three-headed dog and bloodthirsty guardian of the infamous sword.

CERBERUS was produced by Cinetel and stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, Sebastian Spence and Greg Evigan. Exec producer was Paul Hertzberg while Lisa Hansen produced the script by David Mason.

Director John Terlesky said, �Cerberus, the killer three-headed dog, is the most ambitious CGI project that CineTel has attempted. The most challenging part about this creature is that everyone is so familiar with dogs, so to make it believable took hours and hours to get Cerberus right. Another problem designers ran into is that generally people are not scared of dogs. The CGI designers had to design not only a believable dog, but also one that would strike fear from every viewer from the first glance.�

So the designers had to practically treat each head as a separate dog, all having their own personality. Cerberus is based off of the presa canario, the dog that went crazy on a woman in San Francisco and killed her. At full length on four legs, Cerberus stands six feet long and, if it were to stand on two legs, it would be about 10 feet high and weigh about the same as a rhinoceros.

SCI FI's original movie franchise is the channel's homage to the drive-in, a re-imagination of cinema's earliest sci-fi treats. Like the classic sci-fi fare of yore, these films over escapist fun while simultaneously challenging the imagination. The channel will supercharge Saturdays in 2006 with an unprecedented 28 original action movies � up from 2005's slate of 23.

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