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SCI FI Movies Slated in 2007; A.I. Assault is Latest Flick

SCI FI's Saturday night original movie franchise, promises more action, thrills, creatures, cataclysmic disasters and mythologically-based subject matter in 2007 with 28 new film projects slated for premiere, it was announced by Thomas P. Vitale, svp of programming & original movies, SCI FI.

But there many more to come in 2006, such as A.I. ASSAULT, the latest installment in the current season of SC IFI Movies. The Cinetel Films Inc. production premiered May 6, 2006, and encores on May 11 at 9:00 pm on the SCI FI Channel.

When a plane carrying a pair of top secret military robots crashes on a deserted Pacific island, a team of Navy seals must find them and turn them off as soon as possible for the longer they are activated, the smarter they become. It stars Joe Lando, Michael Dorn, Alexandra Paul, Bill Mumy and Robert Picardo.

Special effects are by Worldwide FX with Simeon Asenov supervising vfx and Scott Coulter producing them and Stefan Tchakarov as visual effects production supervisor.

The 2007 slate includes three films from comicbook genius Stan Lee, one of which will feature the winner of July's WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? a reality competition series Lee is producing with SCI FI. Next year will also bring two film projects with legendary genre auteur and "king of the drive-in movie" Roger Corman.

SCI FI's Saturday movie franchise is the Channel's homage to the classic popcorn feature, offering up delectable sci-fi treats. Like the timeless fare that packed movie theaters and drive-ins, SCI FI's Saturday thrill rides offer thoroughly modern escapist fun, running the gamut from traditional creature features to horror flicks and sleek, contemporary thrillers.

New projects for 2007 include:

CYCLOPSIn this film from Corman, set in ancient Rome, members of the Royal Guard have been mysteriously disappearing in the countryside. When the Emperor learns that the culprit is a giant Cyclops, he sends the Royal Guard to capture it and bring it back to Rome, where it becomes the featured event in the gladiator arena.

SUPERGATORIn this second Corman film, a giant alligator slinks out of a Louisiana swamp and wreaks havoc on neighboring townsfolk.

STAN LEE'S HARPIESFemale-winged monsters with human faces and imposing claws, Stan Lee's Harpies breathes new life into these mythological forces of nature.

SCREECHIn this ripped from the headlines original, a deadly bird flu threatens the lives of those who fall victim.

LAKE PLACID IIThe sequel to 1999's hit theatrical thriller, Lake Placid II reanimates a killer crocodile for another man-eating swim.

YETI: CURSE OF THE SNOW DEMONWhen a plane crashes in the Himalayas, a college football team struggles to survive. Their crusade is intensified by a snow creature on the prowl, an unfamiliar predator with a taste for wayward athletes.

MONSTER ARKA satellite image reveals an ancient ship buried in the ice at the top of Turkey's Mount Ararat. Believed to be the biblical Noah's Ark, an expedition is formed to find the lost vessel. When the group discovers two arks, they must contend with the deadly creatureNoah had hoped to drown at sea thousands of years ago a creature that still lives inside the ancient wreckage.

BEYOND SHERWOOD FORESTRobin Hood and his merry men journey into the Dark Forest beyond Sherwood to slay a creature that has been terrorizing the poor and innocent.

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