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Scarygirl Game to Hit in April

April 2009 will see the launch of the online SCARYGIRL gaming site, based on Nathan Jurevicius's Scarygirl concept. The project has been produced by Passion Pictures Australia with financial assistance from the Film Victoria Digital Media Fund. The game has been designed and developed by Touch My Pixel with in-game Flash animation from Renmotion and has taken the dedicated and creative team 22 months to develop and complete.

Australian-born Jurevicius has achieved global success and cult status in the world of illustration, animation and toy design. He is the creator of Scarygirl, the story of a little girl who was abandoned at birth and is raised by a friendly giant octopus (Blister), and guided by a mystic rabbit (Bunniguru) on her quest to discover her origins.

Jurevicius said, "In the past fans have had a glimpse of the Scarygirl universe through designer toys and mini comics but the Scarygirl online game will incorporate a new chapter to the brand. Now old and new fans will have a chance to discover her journey on a deeper, more satisfying level never before experienced."

Passion Pictures Australia Producer Sophie Byrne commissioned top local Melbourne based game designers and developers, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer and Tony Polinelli from Touch My Pixel to design and program the games and Suren Perera from Renmotion as the Flash game animator. The SCARYGIRL gaming site has broken new ground in the area of online Flash games. All animation was produced in Flash and programming was done in Flash AS3, predominantly using the open source program called Flash Develop.

The introductory trailer for the game site was directed and animated by Chris Hauge at Halo Pictures from a script written by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliot (Reptile Films). The trailer was produced using Flash and Maya, and was composited in Shake. Chris Hauge also supervised all the production of key Scarygirl character animation cycles for the game.

All music for the trailer and in game music and VFX was produced by Luke Jurevicius at Vishus Productions with VFX for the trailer produced by Mike Darren at Digital Artisan.

The Scarygirl immersive site will become the one stop portal linked to the ever-expanding brand and will be available to download directly from the Scarygirl site: starting in April 2009.