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Scary Movie Holds Strong In IBO, Top Prems By Hollow & 60 Seconds

This past weekend the international box office saw the Miramax record breaker, SCARY MOVIE, hold strong in the U.K. and Australia, while HOLLOW MAN and GONE IN 60 SECONDS premieres topped charts around the globe. In the U.K., SCARY scored another US$2.04 million, lifting its British cume to $7.6 million. Holding on in second, SNATCH by Guy Ritchie summoned $1.54 million, raising its homeland cume to $11.96 million. Another shoot 'em up flick took third - SHAFT's debut drew $1.22 million in the U.K. THE CELL made a less than flashy premiere in fifth, with a gross of $776,039. THE X-MEN slipped to sixth from third, with a ticket take of $579,472, bringing its British cume to $19.69 million. CHICKEN RUN ran out of steam, falling from its perch in fourth to eighth, adding $291,155 to its British cume of $39.36 million. Falling from fifth to land in ninth, STUART LITTLE adopted an additional $280,470, elevating its British cume to $23.36 million. Rounding out the top ten in the U.K. 60 SECONDS finished with a gross of $97,710, advancing its British cume to $10.49 million. In Australia feeling the brunt of Olympic fever, SCARY MOVIE only grossed $581,816 in first, escalating its Down Under cume to $3.92 million. Leaping from eighth to third, POKEMON 2000 piled up $308,776, climbing its Australian cume to $558,577. Down two to sixth, HOLLOW MAN materialized $199,815, lifting its Australian cume to $2.33 million. Up two slots to seventh, THE ROAD TO EL DORADO drummed up $165,011, bringing its Australian cume to $325,783. After one week Down Under, SNOW DAY peaked into the top ten, with a gross of $84,616, raising its cume to $181,456. In Spain, HOLLOW MAN's premiere finished in first with a gross of $3.5 million. Falling to second, THE PERFECT STORM floated another $912,879, raising its Spanish cume to $5.47 million. Making a fairly impressive Spanish debut in third, TITAN A.E. discovered $800,208 at the box office. CHICKEN RUN dropped to fifth, with a gross of $679,257, lifting its Spanish cume to $3.06 million. Skidding into sixth, 60 SECONDS drove home an additional $441,473, elevating its Spanish cume to $6.17 million. Jumping back into the top ten in ninth, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT grossed $184,385, advancing its Spanish cume to $2.22 million. Finishing out the top ten, GLADIATOR garnered $113,686, escalating its Spanish cume to $17.07 million. Elsewhere, HOLLOW MAN's debut in Hong Kong brought in $620,760. After one full week in Hong Kong, WHAT LIES BENEATH surfaced down one to fourth, grossing $120,368, bringing its cume to $1.25 million. Making a mediocre debut in fifth, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS rounded up only $115,151. Falling four slots to round out the top ten, THE PATRIOT piled up $8,849, raising its Hong Kong cume to $282,696. In Sweden, however, HOLLOW MAN only made it to second in its premiere weekend, grossing $460,603. Thus slipping the TIGGER MOVIE to third, adding $253,782 to its $532,725 Swedish cume. Down one to five, CHICKEN RUN caught $148,911, elevating its Swedish cume to $728,963. In at nine, PERFECT STORM fished in another $82,158, lifting its total Swedish take to $903,505.

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