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Sav! The World And France3 Team For Molly, Star-Racer


Broadcaster France 3 has signed on as co-producer for Sav! The World Productions' animated series MOLLY, STAR-RACER. The trailer of the series was recently screened during France 3s Annecy press conference. When Earth's greatest star-pilot is sabotaged before the biggest race in the universe, precocious pilot prodigy Molly may be the planets only hope. MOLLY, STAR-RACER (26 x 30-minutes) is described by its creators as a mix of genres, styles and techniques, using traditional 2D and 3D to animate the action comedy series with a look that blends anime with more Western-styles of animation. The series, which has garnered interest at markets since its introduction, is expected to debut at the end of 2003. Formed in 1998 Sav! The World Productions is currently in pre-production on the animated sitcom THOMAS & CO. (26 x 13-minutes), a co-production with TF1, and is in development on SQUAT, an animated feature based on a short film of the same name.

Heather Kenyon checked in with a few Cartoon Forum participants including Sav! The World Productions, to see if the event produced the desired results.