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SAS Conference Tackles The Technological Topics Of The Future

* Saturday, August 5 Friday, August 11, 2000. Trondheim, Norway.

The theme of the 12th SAS Conference is "Digital Challenges - Expanded Boundaries." The conference will discuss how technological changes have effected the industry in the present, past and future. Topics will include technology and budgets, classic animation in the future and motion capture.

Another focus will be animation gaining importance in new fields such as film production, Web design, video art and computer games. The conference will take place from August 5 August 9 followed by an animation tour until August 11. For more information contact: Norsk Animasjonsforum/Animerte, Dager, Britannia, P.O. 1405, N-1602 Fredrikstad, Norway; Tel: +47 (69) 31 69 24; Fax: +47 (69) 30 09 34; E-mail:; or Web:

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