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Sarbakan Welds Weird Online Games for VRAK TV

Sarbakan has wrapped up two new online games for VRAK TV, a specialized Canadian channel operated by Astral Media Inc. The two games star Celestin, a bearded fairy in charge of a garage. In the first game, the players will make their way to Celestin's garage and answer trivia questions before they can build a racing jalopy from vintage bits and parts. The second title will have players test their new vehicles in a danger-filled racing derby.

The first game will go live on Dec. 1, 2003 with the second coming in spring 2004. Characters from the games will also star in two television interstitials that will be broadcast on VRAK TV in early 2004.

Founded in 1998, Sarbakan is a development and digital creation studio that specializes in the exploitation of animated content such as GOOD NIGHT MR. SNOOZLEBERG, ARCANE and STEPPENWOLF. For more information, visit

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