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Sanctuary Webisodes Premiere Online

Stage 3 Media Inc., an independent production company, announced the worldwide premiere of SANCTUARY, a new webisodic series created by veteran science fiction writer/producer Damian Kindler and led by actress Amanda Tapping (STARGATE: SG-1, STARGATE ATLANTIS). Featuring stunning visual effects and innovative interactive elements, SANCTUARY takes the viewer into a thrilling world where science meets the supernatural. The first of Sanctuary's eight 15-minute webisodes can be viewed exclusively online at

SANCTUARY incorporates a cast of real-life characters and otherworldly creatures into a science-meets-supernatural online universe, fusing visual effects, videogame technology and cutting-edge Web design for a mesmerizing experience. The first TV-broadcast-quality series made directly for the Internet, SANCTUARY is designed to be the centerpiece of a growing online science fiction community that offers viewers an evolving relationship between the show's creators and an ever-expanding online experience as the series unfolds.

"This is the next evolution of series-based entertainment," said Kindler, who also serves as exec producer. "SANCTUARY is the first series developed exclusively for an online audience that offers both standard and high-definition resolutions, plus direct communication between the fans and the SANCTUARY creative team."

"I feel like we're riding the crest of an amazing wave," said Tapping, who also serves as exec producer. "SANCTUARY is such an exceptionally cool premise. I am so very proud of this show and hope the fans will feel the same buzz we've felt in bringing it to life."

SANCTUARY utilizes advanced visual effects technology and 3D virtual greenscreen sets to create a new look in series-based science fiction. The webisodes use SOFTIMAGE |XSI and Pixologic's ZBrush, and has integrated NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions into its production pipeline, including the newly announced Quadro FX 5600 graphics. With professional Quadro solutions, Stage 3 is creating, rendering and delivering compelling CG characters and visual effects on extremely tight production deadlines.

"SANCTUARY ushers in an exciting new era for online entertainment," said Ron Martin, vfx supervisor for Stage 3 Media. "By using NVIDIA Quadro solutions throughout our creative process we are able to rapidly generate exceptional quality CG content for the series at an unprecedented pace. Utilizing the Quadro as our work-horse we enhanced our productivity, allowing us to deliver an online entertainment experience unlike any other."

SANCTUARY'S webisodes are competitively priced and may be purchased individually or bundled for even better value. A new webisode will be released approximately every two weeks. Viewers will watch SANCTUARY via download or using a proprietary interactive media player developed exclusively for the online series. Sanctuary will be available in both standard and high-definition formats.

Stage 3 Media ( is a new media company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2006, the Stage 3 Media management team boasts more than 70 years collective experience in television and film production, videogame design and information technology.