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Salt Lake No Promised Land For God The Devil & Bob

The promised land of prime time nirvana will escape GOD THE DEVIL & BOB in

Salt Lake City, Utah, whose NBC affiliate has refused to air the network's

upcoming animated comedy. KSL-TV VP and general manager Al Henderson said

the station decided to pre-empt the "not-so-heavenly" toon because it "was

not very funny." "We didn't think it was written well," Henderson said. "We

found some of the humor tasteless." The new series follows the

misadventures of Detroit auto worker Bob Alman (voiced by French Stewart),

who finds himself picked by the Devil (Alan Cumming) in a bet with God

(James Garner), to see if humankind is really worth saving. Henderson

stressed that the show wasn't pulled by KSL owner Bonneville Intl. -- which

is owned by the Mormon church -- due to religious issues. In reply to the

accusation of censorship, he declared: "We don't apologize for setting a

standard in what we believe in." In the summer of 1999, KSL also refused to

air animated show, STRESSED ERIC and hasn't run SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE since

becoming an NBC affiliate. NBC has signed with local WB affiliate KUWB to

air GOD THE DEVIL & BOB Saturdays at 10 p.m. KUWB already runs SNL. NBC is

scheduled to preview the show on March 9 at 8:30 pm EST/PST.

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