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Salsa Sizzles At NATPE With Three New Animation Series

Latin American distribution specialist Salsa Entertainment returns to NATPE 2003 with the exclusive Latin American distribution rights to three new animation series: SOMETHING ELSE (26 x 11-minutes), OLLIVERS ADVENTURES (13 x 21-minutes) and METALHEADS (26 x 11-minutes). Based on the award-winning childrens illustrated book of the same title by Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell, SOMETHING ELSE targets 5 to 8 year-old kids with the unpredictable adventures of long-nosed, orange and furry Something and small, blue and furry Something Else. While great friends most of the time Something and Something Else push their friendship to the limit with much bickering and bantering, all to the tune of an upbeat salsa tempo. SOMETHING ELSE is a TV-Loonland and Studio B Productions co-production for ZDF (Germany) and Family Channel (Canada). DECODE Entertainments OLLIVERS ADVENTURES is also brand new to Salsas catalogue for NATPE 2003. This digital animation series is filled with big adventures for 6 to 11 year-olds. Plagued by his older sisters, six year-old Olliver escapes to the privacy of his bedroom where he can take off and dream up his own wild escapades. OLLIVERS ADVENTURES is produced by Collideascope Digital Productions in association with DECODE Entertainment for Teletoon in Canada. Also featured in Salsas NATPE slate this year is METALHEADS, a comedy adventure aimed at the 6 to 11 year-old set. Set in the Middle Ages, the series centers on a motley crew of five kids and their efforts to become knights (or "Metalheads"). Described as a little bit MONTY PYTHON and a little bit THE KNIGHT'S TALE, METALHEADS is a co-production of TV-Loonland and ZDF, in conjunction with CBBC (U.K). During NATPE 2003, Salsa Entertainment can be reached c/o Marriott New Orleans, Rooms 2703 2705. Phone: 504-581-1000.