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Salsa Gets Animated For L.A. Screenings

Jerry Diaz, evp of Salsa Entertainment, is offering up some animated and sci-fi offerings for international buyers at the L.A. Screenings. Salsa, the distribution arm of TV-Loonland, will be screening series at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles in Suite 1007 from May 15-22, 2003. The offerings include:

THE CRAMP TWINS, SERIES IIGenre: Animation, 8 years +Producers: TV-Loonland, Cartoon Network EuropeRights: Latin America & Brazil, 26x30 (or 52x30 for series I & II)Wayne and Lucien Cramp are back at each others throat in a brand new series of bug-saving, trike riding, junk-bashing mayhem. Some twins are identical. Some twins arent. These guys are almost total opposites and opposites attack! Its gross, it's fun, and it's painfully real.

SOMETHING ELSEGenre: Animation, 5-8 yearsProducers: TV-Loonland/Studio B ProductionsRights: 26x11 Latin America and BrazilSOMETHING ELSE follows the unpredictable adventures of two loveable misfits the small, blue and furry Something Else and the long-nosed, orange and furry Something. These guys are great friends, most of the time. They teach children that each individual is special regardless of how different they might look.

BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE, SERIES IVGenre: Puppetry, pre-schoolProducer: The Jim Henson Co.Rights available: 26x30 (or 117x30 for series I - IV), Latin America and BrazilBEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE features a charming cast of Muppets and a group of new characters who educate and entertain through childhood exploration. The delightful Bear hosts the show. He speaks directly to the audience, and invites them into his home each day to play, learn and sing with his friends.

THE ZACK FILES, SERIES IIGenre: Live-Action, 814 yearsProducer: DECODE EntertainmentRights available: 26x30 (or 52x30 for series I & II) Latin America and BrazilOff-kilter and full of humor, THE ZACK FILES is all about young Zack Greenburg and the odd things that keep happening to him. Not that he goes looking for them he doesnt they just show up anyway.

FARSCAPE, SERIES IVGenre: Action Adventure Drama, Family Producer: The Jim Henson Co./Hallmark EntertainmentRights available: 22 x 60 min (or 88 x 60 min for series I IV) Latin America and BrazilFARSCAPE is a futuristic saga that follows the story of American astronaut John Crichton. Thanks to a freak accident during a low-orbit test flight, Crichton is catapulted through a black hole, landing him on the far side of the universe. Now he is part of a band of renegades and living the adventure of a lifetime.