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Salesforce Taps Bonfire Labs for Dreamforce 2013

Bonfire provides over 25 unique animated digital pieces for signature event.

San Francisco, CA -- Creative production studio Bonfire Labs was tapped by longtime client Salesforce to provide its signature "Dreamforce" conference with more than 25 unique digital pieces to accentuate & dramatize the event.

More than 130,000 people from 82 countries registered to attend Dreamforce 2013, the world's largest software conference. Supplying a full array of creative digital assets, Bonfire Labs produced 11 client feature demo videos, 16 animated brand ads, three customer documentary videos and motion graphics for CEO Marc Benioff's keynote speech.

Salesforce also tasked Bonfire Labs with designing a video for its new Salesforce1 platform, which debuted at Dreamforce. The animated piece promoted the service throughout the event with dynamic motion graphics, communicating the capabilities of the platform at an exciting high-octane pace, while showcasing client brands.

Some of the most in-depth work provided by Bonfire was in the form of short documentary-style productions. Salesforce's clients: Sony, The University of California, San Francisco and The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, all received the Bonfire treatment.

Bonfire also created feature demos for Salesforce products being showcased at Dreamforce '13, which were used to demonstrate the entire Salesforce software suite, services and apps. 11 feature demos were created in all.

Finally, Bonfire Labs brought 16 of Salesforce's customer brands to life via animated advertisements, which acted as electronic billboards at the expo for Salesforce and the company's high profile clients. The ads, which combined live action video, still photography and animated graphics, showcased the customer's offering and detailed key points that specific Salesforce customers benefit from when using the platform.

"Salesforce is a client that we have worked with for many years. We have a great understanding of their brand and its impact on their current and potential customers," said Phil Spitler, Bonfire Labs' Creative Technologist, "The challenge was delivering content that provided excitement around their client brands, while also making sure that the Salesforce technology was communicated coherently and grabbed the attention of the audience."

Source: Bonfire Labs

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