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SAFO Submission Deadline Is Approaching

The submission deadline for the next International Student AnimationFestival of Ottawa (SAFO) is July 1, 2001. Entry forms, including anon-line version that can be sent directly by e-mail, are available onthe festival Website. SAFO 2001 will be held October 18-21, 2001. Theofficial competition is divided into five categories: High SchoolStudent Films; Undergraduate Student Films (Post-Secondary); GraduateStudent Films (Post-Secondary); First Film (e.g.Professional/Independent/Co-op Produced Films); and Children'sAnimation (Under 12 Years Of Age). Once again, six internationalanimation schools will compete for Ottawa's Best School Award. Bothcompetitions will be judged by an international jury comprised of:Phil Mulloy, animator (U.K.), Koji Yamamura, animator (Japan),Richard Meltzer, writer and critic (U.S.A.), and AWN's Annick Teninge(U.S.A.). This year's special screenings include tributes to PhilMulloy, Koji Yamamura, Bolex Brothers and Olive Jar Animation. Otherprograms include: "Sailing To Sicily," a look at interpretations ofhell; a gay and lesbian animation panorama; and finally, to celebratethe 25th Anniversary of the Ottawa International Animation Festival,SAFO will take a look back at some of the highlights of pastfestivals. There will also be hands-on workshops, panels and lecturesscheduled to help prepare newcomers for the jump into theprofessional animation industry. New this year: "InternationalStudent Panoramas," with four panorama programs highlighting the widearray of animation being produced by an assortment of schools; and a"Teachers' Symposium," a one-day event examining the state ofanimation education.