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S4C International Takes Two Pilots to MIPCOM

Although Christopher Grace recently stepped own as the champion of animation at Welsh broadcaster S4C, its distribution arm still is very much in the animation game as S4C International presented two children's animation pilots at MIPCOM. TIFF was created by Siriol and KIRK was created by Cart_n Cymru. Grace, co-founder of S4C, will help produce the two shows. S4C hopes to strike co-production deals for both projects.

In addition, S4C presented 20 hours of new documentaries to be sold at the market

Cenwyn Edwards, commissioning editor at S4C, added, The variety of programs and international partners involved is a reflection of S4Cs work over a number of years in understanding what makes a successful television co-production. The number of new programs now available reflects a decision to increase our co-production activity and add value to S4C's programme budget.

S4C International is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of S4C. For more information, visit

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