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S4 Studios Goes Hollywood

S4 Studios a traditional/3D animation design and content creation studio founded in 1999 in the San Fernando Valley, has opened its new studio in the heart of Hollywood. The new facility, located at 1529 N. Cahuenga Boulevard, will allow the growing studio greater access to its core businesses of trailers, network graphics and TV commercials while continuing to develop original content for motion pictures, television, direct to video and online.

S4 has started its first project in its new location, creating a 3D CG teaser trailer combined with live-action of star Frankie Muniz for the upcoming release of MGM's CODY BANKS 2, through Aspect Ratio in Hollywood. The teaser will be featured on the DVD release of AGENT CODY BANKS. The burgeoning trailer production market was the initial impetus for luring S4 Studios to Hollywood, says director/partner Geoffrey Kater. "The cost of marketing a movie today is generally more than the cost of producing it," he said. "Between theatrical releases, direct-to-video, and home DVD, that market has busted wide open, and we felt is was necessary to be closer to this important revenue source."

The studio's recent projects include trailers for LEGALLY BLONDE 2, PLUTO NASH and LXG (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN), all for Aspect Ratio, and a 3Danimation project for Red Ohm, Julia Roberts' production company, through Cimarron Group's team of designers. S4C also produced the animation for Cartoon Network's first 3D half-hour special, THE GROOVENIANS. Dale Hendrickson and Larry Le Francis co-founded S4 Studios with Kater. For more information call (323) 466-3910 or visit