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Süperfad Brings Fiat 500 to Life in New Spot

Süperfad is igniting imaginations with endless possibilities in a new spot for the Fiat 500 called “No Dream Limit.”

Los Angeles, CA -- Süperfad is igniting imaginations with endless possibilities in a new spot for the Fiat 500 called “No Dream Limit.” Süperfad was challenged to bring the concept to life in a way that helps Fiat owners understand the customizability of the 500 model, and its personality. The spot features two of the custom Fiat 500s, The Beach Cruiser and The Café Racer, unveiled recently at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

“The spot is a visual stream of consciousness that takes the viewer through the inspiration and conceptualization of the new Fiat 500s,” said Jason Cook, ACD at Süperfad. “We reconceived the recognizable elements of the car into something surreal and surprising. On the surf car, for example, the wheels became jellyfish and the headlights became a school of fish.”

Süperfad employed a diverse team to mix multiple techniques and visual languages to construct an imaginative story. Once the storyboards were approved, the Süperfad team went into a full pre-visualization, blocking out each shot and car animation; they embarked on the production with a clear idea of how they wanted each section to seamlessly flow together. Designers, 2D/3D and cel animators created every element, offering careful and meticulous attention to keep the design aesthetic cohesive in each section.

“We designed an individual solution to meet the branding requirements and secondary messaging of our clients while maintaining the core creative the agency has set in motion. The Fiat 500 spot is a nice representation of art and commerce blending harmoniously,” said Kevin Batten, Managing Director at Süperfad.

Süperfad developed different 3D rendering styles of the cars for each environment. Toon shaded line art was used for the Beach Cruiser model, while a more aggressive high contrast graphic chrome look was used for the Café Racer. In order to flawlessly transition from the 3D models of the cars to the real photos, they utilized a graphic flat look to the cars to create enough contrast.

The 3D car and 2D design elements were used alongside cel-animations, which enhanced the overall dream concept of the spot and supported the illustrative and graphic aesthetics of the spot. This technique was also used in the final segment of the spot, where the 3D versions of the cars lift to reveal the vehicles in real life.

Source: Süperfad