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Rushes Creates an inferno for King Arthur's Opening Titles

Rushes has recently completed the opening title sequence for Touchstone Pictures' KING ARTHUR (opening July 7). Loosely based on the true story that inspired the legend of King Arthur, the film focuses on the history, politics and warfare at the time of the Roman Empire's collapse in 476 AD. The title sequence sets the background from where the films narrative begins. Rushes composited sequences reflecting the passage of the Roman conquest from Samaria in Palestine, throughout Europe and reaching Britannia.

A stylized look was created in inferno using a red and silver/blue palette with crushed blacks, which was achieved by grading and keying selective colors from numerous 2k scans.

To create the battle sequences, composites were built from live-action battle plates and were merged together to reflect the passage of time. During the final sequence, ghostly cavalry horses become surrounded showing the unrelenting battle to dramatic effect. The horses were created using painted and animated 2D elements that were integrated with the full live-action composited battle sequence.

Rushes producer Carl Grinter says, "The opening title sequence had to act as a scene setter for the narrative of the film and as an attention grabber that draws you into the scale and atmosphere of the film. The challenges from a production point of view came from the very quick turnaround and the need to utilize footage and outtakes from the movie in original ways."

Rushes credits:Title design and animation: Jonathan Privett & Duncan MalcomInferno: Duncan Malcom & Matt JacksonAnimation: Jonathan Privett, Kim Fersling, Luke MillarProduction: Carl Grinter

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