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Running With Scissors' Sharpens POSTAL III for Xbox 360 & PC

Nearly a decade after the release of the outrageous game POSTAL, Running With Scissors (RWS), the creators behind the dark comedic videogame franchise has announced it is developing POSTAL III, the first game in the long-running series aimed at both the computer and videogame console markets.

Currently in development for the Xbox 360 and PC systems, POSTAL III will employ the Source engine (the same technology Valve created to drive HALF-LIFE 2) to deliver a new and advanced technical level of "social satire and politically incorrect virtual violence," according to RWS. His company is partnering with Akella for the 2008 release.

"We started this series back in 1997," recalled RWS ceo Vince Desi, "and, while the franchise has grown into an international computer game sensation during that time, it has always been our goal to bring it to the videogame console marketplace. For many years Ive been asked by gamers around the world when POSTAL will appear on console. Im so proud to be able to answer our fans' prayers."

POSTAL III will include motion-captured performances by a wide array of celebrities, as well as a storyline that offers gamers vast latitude in terms of their behavior. "We've always maintained since publishing the original POSTAL that the game is only as violent as the player wants it to be and we're committed to expanding this unique form of gameplay in this next addition to the ongoing storyline," Desi vowed.

Andrew Belkin, producer for Akella said, We here at Akella are big fans of the POSTAL series and so being involved in production of POSTAL III is both great fun and an honor for us. In cooperation with RWS talent I believe POSTAL III will be the sickest and craziest game ever! Definitely, this is the first project of such scale and a major step forward for our company.

The player will be cast as the nameless "Postal Dude," the star of all previous versions of the game, including POSTAL 2: SHARE THE PAIN and POSTAL 2: APOCALYPSE WEEKEND.

Tuscon-based Running With Scissors develops and publishes "outrageous games just for the hell of it." For more information on cool POSTAL products and gear, visit

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