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Rugrats Spin-Off Series All Growed Up Begins Production

Nickelodeon has aged the precocious RUGRATS tots into tweens for their new spin-off series ALL GROWED UP, now in production at Klasky Csupo in Los Angeles. The 13-episode series will take off from the 10th anniversary special ALL GROWED UP that aired on Nick in July 2002. The new series is scheduled to run concurrently with RUGRATS during the 2003-2004 season. "What better way to reward an incredibly loyal audience than to serve up a perennial favorite in an all new way," said Cyma Zarghami, executive VP and general manager, Nickelodeon. "The tween special proved kids are ready to embrace these beloved characters in a whole new realm. The RUGRATS property is 11 years old - so it feels just right to have the babies turn into tweens in their twelfth year on the air." In ALL GROWED UP the still bonded members of the onetime baby brigade now manage to negotiate with bossy Angelica and even outmaneuver the trendy 13-year-old on occasion. The series will feature flashbacks to the youngsters' early days, giving viewers a chance to re-explore moments from RUGRATS as well as peek at the "missing years." In addition to the new series, a previously announced possible spin-off series centering on the pre-school adventures of RUGRATS tempestuous Angelica Pickles and next-door neighbor Susie Carmichael will go into production in the form of four specials also scheduled for telecast in 2003-2004.