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RTzen Readies RT/shader Release

RTzen announced the arrival of RT/shader, a visual shader, editing tool for production artists, technical artists and programmers. RTZen believes it represents the next milestone in realtime hardware shader development, since artists return to the role of primary author of shaders for realtime applications. RT/shader, which will officially launch at GDC for $1,995, uses a patent-pending technology to automatically create high-level shader language code while the user assembles the shader from standard visual components such as texture, reflection and brightness.

Regardless of the user's experience with high-level shader languages such as HLSL or Cg, it's easy to build a shader visually while RT/shader compiles the resulting code on the fly so that you can quickly preview the result. Based on .NET technologies, RT/shader is fully extensible and ships with an SDK.

RTzen Inc. ( of Bellevue, Washington, is a software development company dedicated to realtime technologies.