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Royale Creates VFX for MTV France IDs

Motion design and production studio Royale completes a series of station IDs for “Pulse,” MTV France’s block of rock video programming, in a cinematic package that combines CG and live-action.

Motion design and production studio Royale recently completed a series of station IDs for “Pulse,” MTV France’s block of rock video programming. Working closely with network creatives, Royale created a cinematic package that combines CG and live-action.

Cinematic vignettes of young love, music jams and extreme sports comprise the package of five individual IDs.

“A big part of the MTV legacy has always been its artful station IDs, so it’s exciting to contribute to its lineage of iconic visual art,” said Jayson Whitmore, Royale partner/executive creative director. “While the network has evolved from its music video roots of the ’80s, music still plays an integral role in defining the network’s culture and identity. With these IDs, we set out to create something that captured the invigorating spirit of rock and roll in a groundbreaking, compelling way.”

The client cited the Oscar-winning VFX from the film Inception as the inspiration behind the “Pulse” IDs’ visual concept. Royale directed the live-action sequences on greenscreen, precisely choreographing each shot with photographic reference of the backplates in which the talent would be placed.

“Our CG environments were built using these photographic references, so it was important for the talent to feel like they were being lit by the same source,” explained Brien Holman, Royale partner/executive creative director.

Royale’s team of 3D animators and designers created detailed photo-real CG environments of a warehouse, skate park, bedroom, bathroom and garage. Each element within the environments had to be modeled and textured to explode into thousands of colorfully designed pieces.

“We wanted these films to exhibit an artistic, edgy design quality, so for the explosions, the debris shifts between looking photoreal and stylized,” Holman explained. “The challenge was creating cohesion between the two aesthetics. This project offered us a great opportunity to combine our VFX, live-action and design skills. We worked with MTV France to realize their creative vision and communicate the MTV brand and programming in a clear, conceptual way that embodies the diverse elements of rock and roll culture.”

Watch the station IDs, below:

Source: Royale

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