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Round-Up: Recent International Gems

* Sunday, February 6, 2000. Ontario, Canada.

Cinematheque Ontario will present "Round-Up: Recent International Gems"

featuring animation and experimental films. The screening will include

British Columbia-based animator Richard Reeves' LINEAR DREAMS. Other works

on the programme explore different areas of abstraction outside the realm

of animation. Jackman Hall Box Office opens 30 minutes prior to the first

screening of the day. All screenings restricted to individuals 18 years of

age or older (unless otherwise noted). Ticket prices are Members: CA$4.80;

Non-Members: $8.00; Student Members/Seniors: $4.25; Persons under 18 years

of age (all-ages screenings only): $4.80. For more information, consult

Cinematheque Ontario's Winter 2000 Programme Guide at (416) 968-FILM, or

see the official website at

Read Animation World Magazine's "The Film Strip Tells All" where William

Moritz puts in perspective Richard Reeves' LINEAR DREAMS and Bärbel

Neubauer's MOONLIGHT.

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