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R!OT Talkabout SkyTel Spot

R!OT, a creative digital studio, has produced a new, CGI commercial for Suissa Miller Advertising and its client SkyTel Communications. "Colorful Conversation" introduces the Talkabout, a wireless communications device made by Motorola that can be used on the SkyTel system to send and receive e-mail messages and pages. In the spot, several of the devices appear like small UFOs in the sky above a large city. While flying around, they send messages to one another about a party in the city below. "The Talkabout is made of a unique plastic," said spot director Carl Seibert. "To emulate its look, we had to create a custom shader, one that had an ability to show translucence and luminescence. The devices hold light - they glow - and we were able to capture that." Suissa Miller producer Sacha Romano said, "It was a challenge to make the pagers look real because they are rather candy-like, yet it was very important that they look like the real product and not CGI. The shading, textures and shadows that the animators applied to the models brought them to life and gave them the energy we were looking for."

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