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R!OT Provides Effects For Bee Gee's New Video

Santa Monica-based R!OT provided visual effects for "This is Where I Came In," the first music video from the Bee Gees CD set of the same name. The video opens with a barrage of single frame images ending in a rec room inside a 60s VW van. The various members of the group pop into and float through the frame at all angles. Henry artist Lisa Tomei created all of the visual effects and finished the video on a Quantel Henry platform. Her work included compositing the singers with background plates, compositing the infomercial footage into the television that appears on the set and adding motion to the rec room scenes to simulate movement. "There were visual effects in virtually every scene, although many of them were 'felt' rather than seen," said Looking Glass' editor Staci Le Van, who worked closely with Tomei throughout post-production. "We did a lot of post camera moves, including a push in where the camera appears to move through the window of the van and enter the room. We also added a pulse to the whole piece simulating the rocking of the van. Lisa brought alot of ideas to the project that helped the visuals to work exceedingly well."