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R!OT Makes Pink Feel Good

R!OT Santa Monica helped to make an "Angel" out of Pink by providing vfx and final post services for the singer's new video FEEL GOOD TIME. The song is the theme from CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE and the video, directed by Dave Meyers of @radical media, casts Pink as a fourth member of the secret agent squad.

The video was shot over two days using locations that were also employed in the film, including a coal pit near Los Angeles Harbor, scene of the film's high voltage motocross sequence. In the video, footage from the film is blended seamlessly with shots of Pink standing in the rugged landscape with motorcycles flying over her to the left and right.

Meyer shot Pink against greenscreen at the location and then shot several passes of motocross racers performing acrobatic turns and jumps. At R!OT, compositor Kiki Chansamone composited the various elements to put Pink at the center of the action. "The elements we shot were designed around specific scenes from the film, so they integrate well," explained Meyers. "It was an extensive process, but it worked. In the end, you can't tell what is movie footage and what is not."

The video also features a series of inserts where stylized images of Pink dancing appear over psychedelic backgrounds in a look reminiscent of '70s acid-funk. Again, Meyers shot Pink against greenscreen (this time on a sound stage) and then transferred the footage to digital video at high contrast so that her image became almost black and white.

In post, Chansamone used Discreet's inferno to further manipulate the images of Pink, turning them into animated silhouettes. He also created the eye-popping backgrounds. "We created several backgrounds on several psychedelic themes, but kept to a consistent color palette, reds, whites, blues, some purples and greens," said Chansamone. "In some instances, we added 3D effects such as stars that project outwards -- we wanted it to be fun to look at."

Indeed, in Meyer's view, the colorful inserts are a signature of the piece. "They took the video up a notch," he said.

R!OT Santa Monica is located at 702/730 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, California 90401. For more information, call (310) 434-6000.