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R!OT Goes To Extremes In Crafting Eve Video

Santa Monica, Californias R!OT provided design and visual effects services for the new Eve video, WHO'S THAT GIRL? The video, which is the first from Eve's just released CD SCORPION, places the hip-hop diva, along with an enormous Bengal tiger, into an eerie ice kingdom and several other virtual environments. "In order to achieve perfect integration, most of the compositing needed to be done by hand, with each frame treated as an individual work of art," said compositor Klaus Hansen. Hansen produced a digital matte painting to extend the apartment set. He also created a matte painting for a Harley Davidson sequence, extending that set so that it appears to go on forever. Verdi Sevenhuysen crafted the ice kingdom scene, where Eve and the tiger appear on an icy plateau as snow falls around them. Eve and the animal were each shot separately. The arctic environment was shot as a miniature. Sevenhuysen then composited Eve and the tiger into the environment and added the falling snow as well as the dramatic indigo sky that frames the performer from behind. "We spent a lot of time working the color balances," recalled Sevenhuysen. "All of the colors were very saturated. The director made strong artistic choices and was after a look that was definitely not realistic. Everything was pushed-it is very dynamic." The video also features animated sequences created by Pow WowProductions, Santa Monica, California. Pow Wow owner and creative director David Smith designed and animated the character of Eve. The video was completed by R!OT Henry artist Lisa Tomei. It consists of a sequence of cel-like animation that is intercut with the live action. Eve appears as a character in animation done in the style of street art. Tomei, who used static art as key frames, colorized and animated them to produce the final motion sequences.