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R!OT Engulfs City In Flames For Navarro Video

Santa Monica, California-based R!OT has wrapped on the visual effects and post-production for "Rexall," the first video from Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers' guitarist Dave Navarro's debut solo album "Trust No One." R!OT artists, headed by visual effects supervisor Deak Ferrand, created a 180-degree pan of a fire engulfed city. "We mapped the matte painting onto a sphere so that we could reframe it and match the angles of the live shots," Ferrand explained. "That gave us the freedom to move the camera through it in any way that we wished. There are a lot of pans - even handheld camerawork - where the camera is moving around Dave and you get to see a great deal of the city." R!OT artists Verdi Sevenhuysen and Stefano Trivelli created all of the compositing and the 2D visual effects work, which included adding roiling flames and smoke, interactive lighting, falling debris and other animated details. Artist Kiki Chansamone designed the Northern Lights effect at the end of the video. The video was directed by Squeak Pictures' Laura Kelly for Capitol Records.

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